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Meet the MEPs: Corporate MEPs

DWC 08/28/19
Thanks to the Department of Labor’s recently published regulations, we went from just having multiple employer plans top having several different types of MEPs.  We’ve already covered association MEPs and PEO MEPs, so now it is time to take a quick look at what the DOL calls “corporate MEPs.”
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Meet the MEPs: PEOs

DWC 08/21/19
The next item up for bids in our series on the Department of Labor’s new regulations on multiple employer plans is on professional employer organizations, more commonly referred to by their acronym: PEOs.  These organizations have an interesting history when it comes to retirement plans.
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Uncashed Distribution Checks? The IRS Provides New Guidance...Sort Of

DWC 08/15/19
Just about anyone who has dealt with a 401(k) plan – either as a plan sponsor or a service provider – for any amount of time has had to deal with the issue of participants not timely cashing plan distribution checks.  There are all sorts of potential concerns that range from tax implications to fiduciary responsibilities, but neither the IRS nor ...
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Meet the MEPs: Working Owners

DWC 08/14/19
Unless you’ve been on vacation somewhere off the grid, you’ve likely heard the news and read the headlines that the Department of Labor recently published new regulations that expand the availability of multiple employer plans.  While that is true, what those new rules actually do is to change ERISA’s definition of the term “Employer” so that more ...
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Meet the MEPs: Association Retirement Plans

DWC 08/7/19
When the Department of Labor’s new multiple employer plan regulations take effect later this year, we will have three types of MEPs:
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DWC News Update: It's Just Another MEPish Monday

DWC 07/30/19
Yesterday morning while we were all sipping our first cup of Monday morning coffee, the Department of Labor published its much-anticipated final regulations expanding the availability of multiple employer plans to associations, PEOs, and self-employed individuals.
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DWC News Update: A Bad Apple a Day Keeps the MEP Away

DWC 07/8/19
One of the drawbacks that is often cited about multiple employer plans is the so-called “one bad apple rule.”  It provides that if a single participating employer in a MEP allows its part of the plan to operate in a non-compliant manner, it puts the entire plan and all of the other participating employers at risk.  Although there have been ...
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DWC News Update: House Passes the SECURE Act

DWC 05/24/19
-A breakdown of breaking news from DWC's Managing Partner, Keith Clark If you are reading the mainstream press, the SECURE Act being signed into law is just around the corner.  While the overwhelming bi-partisan approval in the House of Representatives is an important (and increasingly rare) development, there are still a number of steps that must ...
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DWC News Update: The IRS Helps Those Who Help Themselves

DWC 04/22/19
The IRS did its part to make Friday, April 19th a really good Friday for those who sponsor qualified retirement plans.  After not making many friends when it jacked up the user fees for the Voluntary Correction Program (VCP) a year or so ago, the IRS has responded to industry requests (that DWC representatives helped draft) by now allowing plan ...
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DWC News Update: Will Association MEPs be DOA?

DWC 04/1/19
If you followed any news outlets at all on Friday, you probably read or heard headlines like this one from CNN: “Court Blocks Another Trump Attempt to Undermine Obamacare”. While the Washington, D.C. District Court’s decision in State of New York, et. al. v. United States Department of Labor, et. al. does impact health plans, its tentacles reach ...
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