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What Compensation Should We Use to Calculate Company Contributions to our 401(k) Plan?

DWC 06/26/18
Facts Our company has a safe harbor 401(k) plan.  In addition to employees making deferrals, we make a company contribution equal to 3% of each person’s compensation.  We deposit both types of contributions each pay period, so in theory at least, we should be all set by the end of each year.  However, it seems that each year, our TPA comes back to ...
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Can We Exclude Seasonal Employees From Our 401(k) Plan?

DWC 06/5/18
Facts Our company’s workload fluctuates throughout the year with big spikes during the summer. As a result, we often hire seasonal workers who help us out during the busy times, but do not work during the regular workload months.
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Can We Exclude Seasonal Employees From Our 401(k) Plan?

DWC 02/27/18
Facts Our company has a retail store that sells items like patio furniture, swimming pool supplies, and equipment. We also have a department that cleans and services swimming pools. The service department is much busier during the summer months, so we hire students to fill these seasonal roles while they are on break from school.
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Who Must Receive Retirement Plan Blackout Notices?

DWC 10/3/17
Facts We have selected a new recordkeeper for our 401(k) plan. We are told that there will be a period of eight business days when our participants are not able to log in and manage their accounts. We know that we have to provide notice at least 30 days ahead of time to everyone who is affected.
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