What tax credits are available for setting up a new retirement plan?

Plan-related expenses are typically tax deductible to your company, but half may qualify as tax credits instead (subject to certain limitations). There are five steps for calculating available credits:

  1. Determine how many NHCEs are eligible for your plan
  2. Multiply that number by $250
  3. The result from step #2 is your maximum tax credit for the year, subject to an overall cap of $5,000
  4. Determine your actual eligible plan expenses for the year
  5. Multiply that number by 50% 

The result step #5 is your tax credit for the year, subject to a minimum credit of $500 and a maximum credit equal to the result from step #3. Phew.

You could break down the five steps to calculate your eligible credits, or you can download DWC's free tax credit calculator and take the messy math out of the equation.