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DWC provides third party plan administration, compliance, and consulting services for qualified retirement plans, helping businesses across the country navigate today's complex regulatory environment. We dig deeper to understand each client's unique financial and operational needs. The only thing that's standard is our flawless execution.

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Defined Benefit | 07/9/2020

Defined Benefit vs. Defined Contribution: A Cash Balance Plan Primer

  Welcome to Cash Balance Corner! We've created this bi-monthly column to...
News | 06/29/2020

DWC News Update | eDisclosures: Initial Notice and Notice of Internet Availability

Welcome to the exciting conclusion of our foray into the brave new world of...
News | 06/25/2020

Pension Pontifications | Q2 2020

  Get ready for the “PEP as panacea” pitch to the small plan marketplace (think...
401(k) Plan | 06/23/2020

401(k) vs 403(b): Which Is the Best Choice for My Non-Profit?

Facts As the director of a not-for-profit organization, I’m looking at...
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DWC | 02/10/20

Safe Harbor 401(k) Resources

The term "safe harbor" can be a common source of confusion. We're answering all...
DWC | 01/07/20

SECURE Act Resources

This page has been developed as a resource to help you understand the Act, and...
DWC | 08/27/19

Meet the MEPs: Breaking Down the Regulations

We've broken down the new regulations in depth, and look to what the future may...
DWC | 01/05/17

Company Contribution Deposit Deadlines

In this FAQ we review the different deadlines to help you try to make sense of...
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DWC | 01/30/20

The SECURE Act: A Choose Your Adventure Webinar Event

Pick your session and download it on demand.
DWC | 04/17/19

Everything You Want to Know About Cash Balance Plans

This webinar - originally presented on May 14th, 2019 - is now available for...
DWC | 04/04/19

Reporting & Disclosure Calendar for 401(k) & Other Defined Contribution Plans

See our web based calendar and download a PDF copy here.
DWC | 12/31/18

How To Select Retirement Plan Service Providers eBook

Creating the best team on behalf of your participants doesn't have to be hard....
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Retroactively Decided Not to Make Safe Harbor Contributions for Your HCEs? We've Got a Fix (or Two) for That!

If you’ve been with us for a while you’ve heard us say a few things time and...
EPCRS | 03/13/2020

When the Grass Isn't Greener with More Plans, There's a Fix for That!

In our last Correction of the Quarter, we looked at related companies setting...
DWC | 11/21/2019

When More (Plans) Isn't Merrier: We've Got a Fix for That!

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before – a SEP, a SIMPLE, and a 401(k) walk...
Profit Sharing | 08/22/2019

Your Safe Harbor Actually Isn't? We've Got a Fix for That!

We’ve been through a few Corrections of the Quarter together now, and we...
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News | 09/12/2019

Pension Pontifications | Q3 2019

All of us here at DWC thrive on the really geeky stuff, and some of the best...
News | 09/11/2019

Meet the MEPs: Grab Bag

The Department of Labor’s new regulations that expand the availability of...
401(k) Plan | 09/10/2019

What is a Successor Plan and Does It Prevent Me from Starting a New 401(k) Plan?

Facts My company used to sponsor a 401(k) plan for my employees.  Due to an...
Plan Termination | 11/7/2017

How Do We Report a Plan Merger on Form 5500?

Facts Our company sponsors two separate 401(k) plans, each of which covers a...
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