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We Are Your 401(k) Experts

DWC serves more than 2,500 clients across the country. They range in size from single-participant defined benefit plans to complex 401(k) plans including several thousand employees. They come from all industries from residential construction and professional practices to rocket scientists, literally.


DWC Difference

When you work with DWC you don't have to choose between fast turnaround times and quality. We provide detailed advice and reporting based on expert analysis and a thorough quality review process. Our documented service commitment is that we will prepare our detailed Annual ERISA Compliance Review (including testing and contribution calculations) for your plan no later than 45 days from the day we receive your information. In practice, we usually deliver within two weeks.

How? It's simple: we prioritize accessibility and responsiveness. Your calls and emails never go unanswered. In fact, you're likely to get a response within two hours, often in a matter of minutes. And when we communicate with you, especially about complex topics, we won't bog you down in industry jargon or legalese. Our team members possess a deep understanding of the financial principles and regulations surrounding retirement plans to make the process easier on your end.

It's all part of our commitment to client service. DWC invests in systems that track our deliverables and project status in real-time because it's best for you. We build strategic partnerships with other industry professionals to benefit you. That's the DWC difference.


DWC Expertise

Our employees are selected for their dedication to excellence in serving our clients and their industry knowledge. That knowledge is then cultivated by DWC's established professional development program and rigorous continuing education schedule.

Currently, our team has more than five graduate business degrees and 50+ industry professional designations. Twelve of our team members are admitted to practice before the IRS as Enrolled Retirement Plan Agents ("ERPAs"). DWC takes the extra step of requiring all of our employees to have PTINs (Preparer Tax Identification Number), meaning we voluntarily subject ourselves to the same rules of professionalism and ethical behavior that apply to other legal, financial, and tax professionals.

Beyond the quantitative, every member of the DWC team is encouraged to think beyond the conventional wisdom and put themselves in their clients' shoes. They don't just know the rules, they understand how to apply them in the context of the day-to-day business environment.


DWC History

In 1999, DWC was founded—and named for—Doug W. Hoefer and Keith Clark. In 2010, Adam C. Pozek joined the firm, adding to DWC's reputation for strategic thinking and industry expertise.

DWC focused its first 10 years primarily on consulting to some of the largest service providers in the employee benefits industry, including banks, broker-dealers, mutual fund families, recordkeepers, insurance companies, third party administrators and investment advisory firms. These projects were geared toward helping our clients achieve one central goal—to profitably grow their 401(k) business.

Over the years, we received numerous requests from our institutional clients to not only consult but to also offer ongoing compliance and government reporting services to plan sponsors with our extensive knowledge of the rules and regulations as well as our strong internal processes. Knowing we could deliver the things investment advisors and plan sponsors need—understandable communication, fast and accurate results, and in-depth expertise—we made the decision to expand in 2009. Today, DWC has consultants in every region across the country as well as clients in all 50 states.

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