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The DWC Leadership Team

Simply knowing and understanding the regulations is not enough. By balancing a commanding knowledge of regulations with business realities and critical thinking, each DWC team member becomes a strategic business partner to his or her clients. Every client is assigned a service team consisting of a Consultant, Team Leader and Partner to handle all aspects of plan design and administration. We look forward to building a relationship with you, until then please allow us to introduce ourselves:


Keith H. Clark

Managing Partner
Minneapolis (Minnesota)

651.204.2600 X 102 keith.clark@dwc401k.com

Adam C. Pozek

Partner/In-House Counsel & CFO
New England (Beverly, Massachusetts)

651.204.2600 X 107 adam.pozek@dwc401k.com

Jen Gibbs Swets

Partner/Relationship Management Services
Norfolk (Virginia)

651.204.2600 X 140 jennifer.swets@dwc401k.com

Tianna Schulz

Partner/Compliance Services
Virginia Beach (Virginia)

651.204.2600 X 223 tianna.schulz@dwc401k.com

Douglas W. Hoefer

Partner/Investment Advisor Solutions
St. Paul (Minnesota)

651.204.2600 X 101 doug.hoefer@dwc401k.com

Joe Nichols

Partner/Actuarial Services
Kansas City (Missouri)

651.204.2600 X 227 joe.nichols@dwc401k.com

Lori Reay

Partner/Investment Advisor Solutions
Salt Lake City (Utah)

651.204.2600 X 126 lori.reay@dwc401k.com

Ellen Pozek

Principal/Implementation Team Services
New England (Beverly, Massachusetts)

651.204.2600 X 116 ellen.pozek@dwc401k.com
Ricky Diaz

Ricky Diaz

Partner/Relationship Manager
Portland (Oregon)

651.204.2600 X 220 ricky.diaz@dwc401k.com

Ben Jones

Partner/Consulting Services
Washington, DC

651.204.2600 X 104 ben.jones@dwc401k.com

Steven Howard

Plan Document Services
New England (Boston, MA)

651.204.2600 X 130 steven.howard@dwc401k.com
Patrick Paul

Patrick Paul

Assistant Team Leader
Atlanta (Georgia)

651.204.2600 X 106 Patrick.Paul@DWC401k.com

Karla Bomgardner

In Memoriam

Kay-Ann Johnson

Kay-Ann Johnson

Retirement Plan Consultant
Orange City (Florida)

651.204.2600 X 236 kay-ann.johnson@dwc401k.com

Shae Robinson

Retirement Plan Consultant
Norfolk Beach (Virginia)

651.204.2600 X 131 shae.robinson@dwc401k.com
Natalie Thompson

Natalie Thompson

Relationship Manager
St. Charles (Missouri)

651.204.2600 X 233 natalie.thompson@dwc401k.com