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DOL and IRS Audits: How DWC's Annual ERISA Compliance Review Helps Plan Sponsors

DWC | 10/19/17

Our first piece of advice for audited plan sponsors? Don't panic. 

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Does Your Third Party Administrator Make a Big First Impression?

DWC | 10/16/17

Service providers are judged by by many factors and one of the most important is managing to zero service issues. And considering how important plan compliance is, issues with plan compliance via a government audit is not considered a factor—until it is. 

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Why Compliance Services Are Important for a Plan Sponsor

DWC | 10/9/17

Retirement plan compliance is a big deal to the IRS.  After all, the tax deductions that both plan sponsors and participants receive each year for contributions to retirement plans surpass deductions taken for charitable donations and health insurance premiums.  With so much at stake, the IRS wants to be sure everyone is playing by the rules.

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10 Common Retirement Plan Compliance Failures Found by the IRS

DWC | 10/2/17

Contrary to what some people may think while writing out checks for penalty fees, the IRS  doesn't actually want to find compliance issues in retirement plans.

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