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Designing Your 401(k) Plan for Combined Testing

DWC 05/6/21
Thousands of 401(k) plans are designed each year to promote savings in the most cost-effective manner. Most are established as stand-alone plans and will remain that way for their entire existence. Some, however, are initially set up as stand-alone, only to be paired with a cash balance plan down the road. Since most cash balance plans are ...
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IRS Enforcement Initiatives: It’s Not Paranoia If They’re Really After You

DWC 04/29/21
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2020 Retirement Plan Tax Deductions - It's Not Too Late

DWC 04/15/21
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Nondiscriminatory Benefit Amounts - Treat Me Right

DWC 04/8/21
Outside the complex world of qualified plans, the term “nondiscrimination” can take on many different meanings based on many different points of view. Fortunately, in the qualified plan world, the meaning of “nondiscrimination” is well defined, albeit quite complex. Here, the only point of view that matters is that of the IRS.
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Will Moving My Company Ownership Into a Trust Impact Our 401(K) Plan?

DWC 03/25/21
Facts I’ve been working with my personal attorney and financial advisor on some estate planning. and one item I’m considering is placing some of my assets, including my company ownership, in a trust. While this is all for personal estate planning purposes, I’ve been told that anything that changes company ownership could also have an impact on how ...
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Interesting Compliance Scenarios - 2021 Edition

DWC 03/18/21
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Minimum Plan Participation - With or Without You

DWC 03/11/21
Sponsoring a retirement plan can provide significant benefits to a company (and its participants). But with great benefits comes great responsibility…responsibility to follow all of the various regulatory requirements. Since these plans provide hundreds of billions of dollars in tax deductions each year, Congress and the various agencies want to ...
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2020 DOL Enforcement Stats: Is the Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

DWC 03/4/21
  From the Hot Seat to a Fireside Chat This week, we are bringing the heat in two completely different ways. Receiving notification that the Department of Labor is about to pay a visit to investigate your plan is enough to make you feel like you are sitting in the hot seat. And for good reason. In the first part of this week’s post, we bring you ...
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Can I Convert a Coronavirus-Related Distribution to a Roth IRA?

DWC 02/25/21
Facts We added Coronavirus-Related Distributions (CRDs) to our 401(k) plan in 2020, and a number of our participants availed themselves of the new feature. I know they have the option to pay any applicable taxes all at once or spread them over three years, and I also understand they have up to three years to roll the money over to avoid taxes ...
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MEP, PEP, or Stand Alone Plan, Which Is the Best Fit for Your Company?

DWC 02/18/21
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