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Can I Keep My Retirement Plan After I Sell My Business?

DWC | 12/12/17


I recently sold my business, and all of my employees went to work for the buyer. My goal is to continue working for a period of time, but I do not expect to hire any more employees.

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DWC in BenefitsPRO: Tax Bill Might Affect 401(k) Offerings

DWC | 12/6/17

The reconciliation of the tax reform bills working their way through Congress is prompting retirement industry experts to speak up. Many are expressing concern that the unintended consequence of the some of the proposed changes would create a disincentive for some business to offer or maintain 401(k) plans for their employees.

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How Do I Set Up an Individual 401(k) Plan?

DWC | 12/5/17


I am self-employed, and my business is doing well. As a result, I would like to setup a retirement plan so that I can not only set aside some income for retirement but also to help with my current income tax planning. I don’t have any employees.

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Is Your 401(k) Required to Have a QDIA?

DWC | 11/28/17


Like many 401(k) plans, ours allows employees to decide where to invest their accounts among a menu of approximately 20 different mutual funds. For employees who do not make an investment decision, their contributions are invested in a default fund recommended by our investment advisor.

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Do 401(k) Testing Requirement Apply to Owner-Only Plans?

DWC | 11/14/17


I and my three business partners each own 25% of our company. We do not have any employees other than the four of us. We would like to set up a retirement plan, but we know there are nondiscrimination tests that limit how much owners can benefit based on how much the employees receive.

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How Do We Report a Plan Merger on Form 5500?

DWC | 11/7/17


Our company sponsors two separate 401(k) plans, each of which covers a different group of our employees. Due to some internal changes, we now want to merge those plans so that we only have a single plan, covering all of our employees.

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DWC Continues Expansion, Adds Jennifer Gibbs Swets as Partner

DWC | 11/2/17
ST PAUL, Minn. – October 31, 2017 – DWC – The 401(k) Experts, an industry leader in providing 401(k) plan compliance and defined benefit and consulting services, has expanded its team by adding Jennifer Gibbs Swets, ERPA, QPA, QKA, as its newest partner.

DWC, which has grown rapidly in recent months, serves more than 3,000 clients across the country, ranging in size from single-participant defined benefit plans to complex 401(k) plans, including several thousand employees. Swets's announcement follows that of Lori Reay, who joined DWC as a partner in September 2017.

"Jen's passion for the industry and dedication to client service fits seamlessly with our firm. Her work ideology—treating each case with attentiveness to individual client needs—aligns seamlessly with the DWC company philosophy," said Keith Clark, co-founder and managing partner of DWC.

Swets, a former senior manager of retirement plan services at Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP, brings over 15 years of retirement services experience. Swets specializes in creative and innovative plan design, adding a valuable skill set to the DWC team.

"The retirement plan industry is ever-changing, and it's crucial to find a company that proactively adapts to those changes, while also serving its clients accordingly," Swets said. "DWC has consistently and successfully responded to industry changes in the best way that serves its clients."

Based in Hampton Roads, Virginia, Swets will work with clients and financial advisors on a local and national level to help design and maintain retirement plans. She joins existing partners Keith Clark, Doug Hoefer, Adam Pozek, and Lori Reay.

For media inquiries, contact Kaitlyn Smith of Flackable at 610-698-6014 or
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What's the Difference Between 401(k) Transfers and Rollovers?

DWC | 10/31/17


Our company sponsors two separate 401(k) plans. One covers salaried employees, and the other one covers hourly-paid employees. From time to time, employees change from hourly to salaried and vice versa. When they change job classifications, they also change plans so that they are always in the plan that aligns with their job class.

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DWC in Kiplinger: Three Common 401(k) Problems and How to Avoid Them

DWC | 10/30/17
Participants could potentially be losing a portion of their retirement savings due to some tricky 401(k) administrative issues. In a recent article for Kiplinger, DWC Managing Partner Keith Clark explains three of the basic areas participants can monitor to avoid having their funds unnecessarily drained over time.

Clark notes that most issues lie in the participant's lack of knowledge about eligibility, rampant fees, and company match calculations.

"Your 401(k) may be your biggest retirement asset," he writes. "When it comes to fees, contribution matches and eligibility, don't just trust: verify."

Clark provides readers with specific tips for catching these mistakes and additional reminders for how to do so. For example, he advises you to check your company match formulas to confirm that you're collecting your full company match rather than taking it at face value. 

Want more tips on how to properly track the condition of your 401(k)? Read Clark's article in Kiplinger to learn more.
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ASPPA Inaugurates DWC Partner Adam Pozek as 49th President

DWC | 10/23/17

ST PAUL, Minn. – October 23, 2017 - The American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries (ASPPA) inaugurated Adam C. Pozek, QPA, QKA, CPFA, as the new President of the organization during the October 22 opening session of the 2017 ASPPA Annual Conference in National Harbor, MD.

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