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DWC in Bloomberg BNA: Bitcoin Too Risky for 401(k)s?

DWC 09/18/17

"Bitcoin may be the hottest thing going in the investment world, but 401(k) plan participants aren’t likely to see it on their regular investment menus anytime soon," writes Jasmine Ye Han in Bloomberg BNA.

One reason bitcoin isn't a straightforward investment option is volatility. Despite the worth of one bitcoin jumping from $1,000 at the end of 2016 to over $4,900 by September 1, 2017, stability is not guaranteed. At one point, the price per BTC dropped below $3,300 on September 14.

And the risks are not just for plan participants, but for fiduciaries. 

“Especially with the fiduciary rule, we’re going to see more litigation," notes DWC managing partner Keith Clark. "There’s going to be plenty of law firms targeting participants. And having bitcoin in those plans may raise flags for those attorneys.”

You can read more advisor predictions and opinions, with plenty of input from Clark, about the cryptocurrency here in, "Bitcoins Are All the Rage, but Not for the 401(k)."

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