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DWC in Investment News: Bitcoin Too Risky for 401(k)s Part II?

DWC 05/16/22
"Before Fidelity made its move, the Department of Labor had sent a warning about using crypto in retirement accounts. In March, the agency issued a compliance assistance release cautioning retirement plan fiduciaries to “exercise extreme care” when considering crypto currency investments." writes Mark Schoeff Jr. in Investment News.
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Who Are All the Providers Servicing My Plan & What Do They Do?

DWC 08/20/19
Facts I sponsor a small 401(k) plan for my employees. Sometimes, I get confused about which service provider to go to for different plan-related questions. Time and efficiency are important to me (and so is cost), and it seems like having all these different providers might be overkill. Recently, I was talking to a friend who is also a business ...
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When Will Bitcoin Make Its Way to 401(k) Plans?

DWC 06/14/18
For more than a year bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been making headlines, and its skyrocketing value has investors asking when it will become an investment menu option for their 401(k) or other retirement savings plans. DWC Managing Partner Keith Clark answers that question in a article published on the Kiplinger website.
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Is Bitcoin a Realistic 401(k) Investment Option?

DWC 06/12/18
Facts Someone would have to be living under a rock for the last year or so not to have noticed all the talk about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. The values have fluctuated quite a bit, but all the press makes it sound like cryptocurrencies are a great investment that can generate significant returns.
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DWC in Bloomberg: Pension Funds and Bitcoin Futures

DWC 01/8/18
Regulated exchanges such as the Chicago Board Options Exchange, CME Group, and Nasdaq are either already trading or planning to trade bitcoin futures, an asset that is known to be particularly volatile and risky.
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DWC in Kiplinger: Leveraging a Backdoor Roth IRA

DWC 12/28/17
If Roth IRAs offer a legitimate long-term savings strategy by allowing people to generate tax-free income, why do less than a third of IRA investors have such an account? The short answer is income limits; taxpayers above certain levels can't invest directly into a Roth IRA.
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Is Your 401(k) Required to Have a QDIA?

DWC 11/28/17
Facts Like many 401(k) plans, ours allows employees to decide where to invest their accounts among a menu of approximately 20 different mutual funds. For employees who do not make an investment decision, their contributions are invested in a default fund recommended by our investment advisor.
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DWC in Kiplinger: Three Common 401(k) Problems and How to Avoid Them

DWC 10/30/17
Participants could potentially be losing a portion of their retirement savings due to some tricky 401(k) administrative issues. In a recent article for Kiplinger, DWC Managing Partner Keith Clark explains three of the basic areas participants can monitor to avoid having their funds unnecessarily drained over time. Clark notes that most issues lie ...
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Who Must Receive Retirement Plan Blackout Notices?

DWC 10/3/17
Facts We have selected a new recordkeeper for our 401(k) plan. We are told that there will be a period of eight business days when our participants are not able to log in and manage their accounts. We know that we have to provide notice at least 30 days ahead of time to everyone who is affected.
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DWC in Bloomberg BNA: Bitcoin Too Risky for 401(k)s?

DWC 09/18/17
"Bitcoin may be the hottest thing going in the investment world, but 401(k) plan participants aren’t likely to see it on their regular investment menus anytime soon," writes Jasmine Ye Han in Bloomberg BNA.
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