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DWC in Bloomberg BNA: Bitcoin Too Risky for 401(k)s?

DWC | 09/18/17

"Bitcoin may be the hottest thing going in the investment world, but 401(k) plan participants aren’t likely to see it on their regular investment menus anytime soon," writes Jasmine Ye Han in Bloomberg BNA.

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DWC in FiduciaryNews: The Rise and Fall of Corporate Pension Plans

DWC | 09/11/17

"Much has been written lamenting the near extinction of the corporate pension plan," Chris Carosa writes in a book excerpt posted to "Are reports shaded by rose-colored glasses? Pension and retirement experts familiar with the history of defined benefit plans have a rather different view."

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DWC in Human Resource Executive Online: All About Exchange-Traded Fund Assets

DWC | 08/31/17

If exchange-traded fund assets are hot among individual investors, why are employers slow to add them as an option for employees?

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DWC in 401(k) Specialist: Trends to Watch in Plan Service

DWC | 08/23/17

"The 401(k) service sector has evolved considerably since its introduction in the Revenue Act of 1978," writes DWC Partner Keith Clark in 401(k) Specialist.

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DWC in FiduciaryNews: 401(k) Rollovers and Roth IRAs

DWC | 08/10/17

"To Roth or Not to Roth," that is the title question of Christopher Carosa's latest article about 401(k) rollovers.

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DWC in PLANADVISER: New Comparability Plans

DWC | 08/2/17

More and more small, professional companies are interested in new comparability, or cross-tested, plans.

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DWC in the Wall Street Journal: Target-Date Funds

DWC | 07/3/17

Even as target date funds have become staples in 401(k) investment menus, there continue to be questions about their appropriateness as participants approach retirement age. Is the target date meant to be to or through retirement? Is the participant ahead or behind his or her savings goal? These are questions participant should answer to determine whether to stay the course or consider an alternate asset allocation.

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DWC in U.S. News & World Report: 401(k) Brokerage Options

DWC | 06/30/17

Once primarily the domain of 401(k) plans of professional organizations such as law firms or medical practices, the self-directed brokerage window has become a more common option in plans sponsored by other types of business. But offering participants the ability to invest outside of the pre-determined fund lineup comes with its own set of additional fiduciary considerations.

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