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Pension Pontifications | Q3 2020

DWC 09/24/20
  Over the last several months we’ve been in touch quite a bit to keep you up to date on the many changing regulations occurring in the industry as legislators work to react to current events and adjust to their impacts on retirement plans. So this quarter we’re using our Pension Pontifications column as an opportunity to round up all of the hot ...
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DWC - The 401(k) Experts Announces Jamelle Moody as Principal

DWC 09/1/20
HOUSTON, TX. – September 1, 2020 - DWC - The 401(k) Experts, an industry leader in providing 401(k) plan compliance, defined benefit services, consulting services and third-party plan administration is pleased to announce that Jamelle Moody will be a member of the partnership’s Operating Committee effective September 1, 2020 as Principal.
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DWC Celebrates the Success of its Summer 2020 Intern Consultants

DWC 08/13/20
DWC is honored to announce its 2020 intern consultants as they complete their final stage of the DWC University Intern Program.
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Jacki Betz Joins DWC as Director of Business Development

DWC 07/30/20
MIAMI, FL. – July 30, 2020 – DWC – The 401(k) Experts, an industry leader in providing 401(k) plan compliance, defined benefit services, consulting services and third-party plan administration, has hired Jacki Betz to lead the Southeast sales region as the Director of Business Development.
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DWC News Update | eDisclosures: Initial Notice and Notice of Internet Availability

DWC 06/29/20
Welcome to the exciting conclusion of our foray into the brave new world of eDisclosures. Today, in our final look at the DOL’s new eDisclosure ruling, we will breakdown the Initial Notice and the Notice of Internet Availability (NOIA – because we need a new acronym).
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Pension Pontifications | Q2 2020

DWC 06/25/20
  Get ready for the “PEP as panacea” pitch to the small plan marketplace (think low cost, highest quality services, coolest technology, least risk, etc.).  We’ve already seen one promoter using the coronavirus situation as a PEP sales tool. - As originally published in our Q2 2020 newsletter. Didn't get it? Sign up here.
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DWC News Update | eDisclosures: Covered Documents

DWC 06/15/20
The Department of Labor’s new rules that expand the electronic distribution of plan-related notices is a long-overdue and welcome change.  We have provided a summary of the new eDisclosure rules and taken a closer look at the details on electronic addresses and internet websites. In this episode of eDisclosure, we explore which documents are now ...
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DWC News Update | eDisclosures: A Deep Dive into Electronic Addresses and Internet Websites

DWC 06/8/20
Although the Department of Labor’s new ruling on electronic disclosures doesn’t officially go live until the end of next month, it is already breathing new life into some fairly antiquated-sounding terms. In this episode of eDisclosures, we will dive into exactly what constitutes an acceptable e-address and internet website.
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DWC News Update | New eDisclosure Rules: Maybe This Whole Internet Thing is Going to Stick

DWC 05/29/20
Just before Memorial Day weekend, the Department of Labor published rules allowing plan sponsors to set electronic media as the default method to provide plan information to participants.  At more than 150 pages, there are a lot of details in the new rule.  We will provide a summary here and follow up with additional posts that explore some of the ...
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The CARES Act Weekly Update | 4.16.2020

DWC 04/16/20
As the conversations surrounding CARES Act provisions continue to evolve, we are constantly updating our FAQs to provide the most in-depth and up to date information. This week, as a result of a lot of hands-on work with our clients to implement these provisions, we have nearly doubled the information available. We've pulled a question from a few ...
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