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When Will Bitcoin Make Its Way to 401(k) Plans?

DWC | 06/14/18

For more than a year bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been making headlines, and its skyrocketing value has investors asking when it will become an investment menu option for their 401(k) or other retirement savings plans. DWC Managing Partner Keith Clark answers that question in a article published on the Kiplinger website.

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The Importance of Due Diligence in Choosing a TPA

DWC | 04/19/18

Choosing a third-party administrator to manage your company's document design, compliance or government reporting services should be based on careful due diligence, rather than on the price of fees, DWC Managing Partner Keith Clark wrote in an article on choosing a TPA published on the Benefit News website

"If I am hiring an attorney or any professional service firm," Clark wrote, "I want to hire the provider who best meets my service criteria. My buying questions will be focused on their experience and service model. If I like the answer, I will then ask about their fees."

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DWC in Business News Daily: Tax Policy Changes in 2018

DWC | 01/22/18

As we move into the new year, Business News Daily's Adam Uzialko advises businesses to stay up to date on new regulatory policies and debates.

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DWC in Bloomberg: Pension Funds and Bitcoin Futures

DWC | 01/8/18

Regulated exchanges such as the Chicago Board Options Exchange, CME Group, and Nasdaq are either already trading or planning to trade bitcoin futures, an asset that is known to be particularly volatile and risky.

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DWC in Kiplinger: Leveraging a Backdoor Roth IRA

DWC | 12/28/17

If Roth IRAs offer a legitimate long-term savings strategy by allowing people to generate tax-free income, why do less than a third of IRA investors have such an account? The short answer is income limits; taxpayers above certain levels can't invest directly into a Roth IRA.

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DWC in BenefitsPRO: Tax Bill Might Affect 401(k) Offerings

DWC | 12/6/17

The reconciliation of the tax reform bills working their way through Congress is prompting retirement industry experts to speak up. Many are expressing concern that the unintended consequence of the some of the proposed changes would create a disincentive for some business to offer or maintain 401(k) plans for their employees.

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DWC in Kiplinger: Three Common 401(k) Problems and How to Avoid Them

DWC | 10/30/17
Participants could potentially be losing a portion of their retirement savings due to some tricky 401(k) administrative issues. In a recent article for Kiplinger, DWC Managing Partner Keith Clark explains three of the basic areas participants can monitor to avoid having their funds unnecessarily drained over time.

Clark notes that most issues lie in the participant's lack of knowledge about eligibility, rampant fees, and company match calculations.

"Your 401(k) may be your biggest retirement asset," he writes. "When it comes to fees, contribution matches and eligibility, don't just trust: verify."

Clark provides readers with specific tips for catching these mistakes and additional reminders for how to do so. For example, he advises you to check your company match formulas to confirm that you're collecting your full company match rather than taking it at face value. 

Want more tips on how to properly track the condition of your 401(k)? Read Clark's article in Kiplinger to learn more.
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ASPPA Inaugurates DWC Partner Adam Pozek as 49th President

DWC | 10/23/17

ST PAUL, Minn. – October 23, 2017 - The American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries (ASPPA) inaugurated Adam C. Pozek, QPA, QKA, CPFA, as the new President of the organization during the October 22 opening session of the 2017 ASPPA Annual Conference in National Harbor, MD.

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DWC in Bloomberg BNA: Bitcoin Too Risky for 401(k)s?

DWC | 09/18/17

"Bitcoin may be the hottest thing going in the investment world, but 401(k) plan participants aren’t likely to see it on their regular investment menus anytime soon," writes Jasmine Ye Han in Bloomberg BNA.

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DWC in FiduciaryNews: The Rise and Fall of Corporate Pension Plans

DWC | 09/11/17

"Much has been written lamenting the near extinction of the corporate pension plan," Chris Carosa writes in a book excerpt posted to "Are reports shaded by rose-colored glasses? Pension and retirement experts familiar with the history of defined benefit plans have a rather different view."

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