DWC in Business News Daily: Tax Policy Changes in 2018

DWC | 01/22/18


As we move into the new year, Business News Daily's Adam Uzialko advises businesses to stay up to date on new regulatory policies and debates.

Staying apprised of policy changes could be the difference between gaining a competitive edge or falling behind due to compliance issues or strategic missteps,” he writes.

In his article covering the five big regulatory changes of 2018, Uzialko lists tax policy changes first, specifically noting the future implications of the Tax Cut & Jobs Act passed in 2017. For more information on the subject, he turned to DWC partner Jen Gibbs Swets.

"In 2018, all eyes are focused on the impact of the act, with financial consultants and accountants poring through the complex details,” Swets told Business News Daily. “With time to digest this mammoth new law, there will likely be opportunities uncovered by the assiduous consultant to the benefit of clients, particularly the small business owner demographic."

To gain more insight into the major regulatory policies and debates of 2018, take a look at Uzialko’s article in Business News Daily.

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