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Plan Document

At DWC, we know how critical a properly drafted plan document is to achieving a company's objectives and keeping the plan in operational compliance. Consequently, our plan document process is thorough and rigorous. We don't just transcribe previous provisions or rely on basic setup checklists. Does that mean we're obsessed with details? Yes. To your benefit.

Their academic approach places an emphasis on understanding not only the required compliance and fiduciary concepts, they emphasize increasing the value of the plan sponsor's human resource dollar.

– Pete Kirtland, CEO, Aspire Financial Services, LLC

Helping Build Financially Secure Futures for Your Employees

We start by finding out what your goals are for the business and the plan. After listening and learning, DWC proactively offers recommendations. We'll identify the pros and cons and quantify the relative costs to help you understand your options.

Our process goes above and beyond industry standards to make things easier on you. Even when it comes to the more mundane aspects like signing your documents, we break out the signature pages so you don't have to hunt for them and we follow up with you to ensure everything is signed timely.

What We Do

  • Perform initial and ongoing review for consistency and compliance
  • Prepare a Summary of Plan Provisions in an easy-to-read table format
  • Create a separate Signature Pages file that includes just the individual pages that actually require signature
  • Proactively communicate any regulatory/law changes, help you understand the impact, and suggest any relevant plan changes
  • When changes are requested, review the entire document to minimize unintended consequences or inconsistencies

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