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Tradition vs. Taste: What Classic Thanksgiving Dish Do You Secretly Dislike?

DWC 11/26/19


Every year we gather with family and friends to stuff ourselves silly in honor of the first harvest here in the New World. Since that time, families have perfected and passed down Turkey Day recipes that have become staples on the dinner table. 


Which classic Thanksgiving dish do you secretly dislike, but eat anyway because of tradition?


We know, we know. Not the usual Question of the Week fare. But let's face it, we're all going to face this dilemma on Thursday and it's nice to know we're not alone. Click below to head over to our Tradition vs. Taste Poll and vote for your least favorite side dish. We'll share the results on social media and in next week's Question of the Week post. 

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Please note: Poll results will remain anonymous. We don't want to go upsetting Grandma.

Were you really looking forward to one last technical question before the long weekend? We applaud you, and invite you to head on over to the 401(k) Q&A blog and browse the archives!

Happy Thanksgiving from the DWC family to yours!

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