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How Do We Stop Our Discretionary Matching Contribution?

DWC 03/26/20
Facts My company sponsors a 401(k) plan that provides for a discretionary matching contribution, which we deposit each pay period along with employee deferrals. Given the economic uncertainty, I’m focused on doing what I can to ensure adequate cash flow to maintain operations, including making payroll. That might mean we make the decision to ...
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What is the Deadline to Deposit our Safe Harbor Matching Contribution?

DWC 12/4/18
Facts Our company sponsors a safe harbor 401(k) plan that provides a matching contribution equal to 100% of the first 4% each participant defers. I had always thought that the deadline for us to deposit the match is the due date of our company tax return (with extensions), but my TPA mentioned something about a quarterly deposit requirement.
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Can I Pre-Fund a Matching Contribution for a Participant Who Terminated Employment?

DWC 08/1/17
Facts Our company sponsors a safe harbor 401(k) plan that provides for a dollar-for-dollar match up to 4% of pay. At the end of each year, we calculate the total matching contribution, and we usually make the deposit in the late summer. For example, we deposit the matching contribution for 2017 in August or early September of 2018.
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