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The New Eligible Inadvertent Failure: A “Catch-Most” for Self-Correcting Plan Errors

Adam C. Pozek 07/13/23
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IRS Enforcement Initiatives: It’s Not Paranoia If They’re Really After You

DWC 04/29/21
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Am I Now Required to Include Part-Time Employees in my 401(k) Plan?

DWC 01/28/20
Facts As the owner of a beachside hotel, I sponsor a calendar year 401(k) plan for my employees. In the summer we hire many part-time employees to assist with the uptick in guests and activities. Our plan has always required employees to reach age 21 and complete a year of service before becoming eligible. Traditionally, this has meant that these ...
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Uncashed Distribution Checks? The IRS Provides New Guidance...Sort Of

DWC 08/15/19
Just about anyone who has dealt with a 401(k) plan – either as a plan sponsor or a service provider – for any amount of time has had to deal with the issue of participants not timely cashing plan distribution checks. There are all sorts of potential concerns that range from tax implications to fiduciary responsibilities, but neither the IRS nor ...
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What's Old Is New Again

Adam C. Pozek 11/14/14
Whether we’re talking fashion or music or architecture or barber shops, it seems things that have faded from existence eventually come back around. See if this cycle looks familiar: cutting edge becomes status quo becomes so last week becomes so [insert decade] becomes retro becomes vintage.
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SchoolHouse Rock Meets The 401(k) Plan

Adam C. Pozek 04/22/13
When I was kid, I used to love Schoolhouse Rock during the commercial breaks of Saturday morning cartoons. Even now, I have them all on DVD as well as a CD of covers by various rock musicians, and I still sing along with all of them word-for-word!
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Accidents Will Happen

Adam C. Pozek 02/24/13
If you’ve spent any time working with retirement plans, you know how complicated they can be. It seems like every rule has an exception and an exception to that exception. It is no wonder that accidents occasionally happen - and correction is required - despite everyone’s best efforts to follow the rules.
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Your Tax-Exempt Status Has Just Been Revoked!

Adam C. Pozek 04/19/11
It’s funny how the human brain (or maybe it’s just my brain) forms associations with words or phrases. Whenever I hear the word “revoked,” I immediately think of a scene from one of the Lethal Weapon movies. The bad guy had been using his diplomatic immunity to get away with all sorts of nefarious deeds. At the end of the movie as he lay clinging ...
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Are You Kidding? The Fall Will Probably Kill You!

Adam C. Pozek 03/25/11
My good friend and benefits attorney Ilene Ferenczy sends out an e-newsletter from time-to-time. The Ferenczy Flash always includes timely, practical information for plan sponsors and service providers. The edition she sent earlier this week highlights a very important point that often gets lost in the 401(k) shuffle - while all of the fiduciary ...
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What’s The Problem With PTINs?

Adam C. Pozek 02/23/11
I must confess that I have been very surprised by the vocal opposition to the new Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) requirements.
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