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Meet the MEPs: Working Owners

DWC 08/14/19
Unless you’ve been on vacation somewhere off the grid, you’ve likely heard the news and read the headlines that the Department of Labor recently published new regulations that expand the availability of multiple employer plans.  While that is true, what those new rules actually do is to change ERISA’s definition of the term “Employer” so that more ...
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Spouse or Not a Spouse? That is the Question...of the Week

DWC 06/4/19
Facts Our company has sponsored a 401(k) plan for a while and although it’s not new to us that certain situations - from beneficiary designations to annual nondiscrimination testing - might require us to provide information about spousal relationships, we are seeing that different types of relationships, and statuses, are becoming more commonplace.
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What is the PBGC & Does it Cover our Cash Balance Plan?

DWC 04/9/19
Facts Our company is thinking of setting up a cash balance plan.  In our research about what that entails, we keep running into information about the PBGC and paying premiums.
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Why Does Your TPA Need Personal & Ownership Details from Company Owners?

DWC 10/2/18
Facts Our company sponsors a 401(k) plan for our employees.  The owners of the company have always been somewhat secretive in terms of sharing detailed information about themselves and their families.  The current environment of selling information for marketing use and identity theft has only intensified that.
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