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Are Missed Deferrals and Late Deferral Deposits the Same Thing?

DWC | 05/14/19


Our company sponsors a 401(k) plan.  One of our newer employees, Jane Smith, met the eligibility requirements and should have joined the plan on January 1st.  Due to an oversight, we forgot to enroll Jane in the plan until she asked about it a couple months later.  We assume that we need to make some sort of correction, and we’ve done some online research to figure out next steps.  We’ve seen references to missed deferral opportunities and late deferral deposits, but to be honest, it’s all a little confusing.

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Who are Leased Employees & Are They Eligible for my 401(k) Plan?

DWC | 04/16/19


I own a small manufacturing company that specializes in office supplies, and I sponsor a 401(k) plan for my employees. One of my former employees, Tim Halpert, worked full-time with me for the past several years but recently left to work for a staffing agency called Prestige Worldwide.  Tim was a great employee for many years, and Prestige has offered me the opportunity to have him continue to provide services for me through the staffing agency. Prestige Worldwide also offered the services of another employee, Toby Blenderson, who would work on a part-time basis for about six months.

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How Do We Correct Missed Deferrals for New Hires?

DWC | 07/31/18


Our 401(k) plan allows new employees to make contributions on the first day of the quarter after they work for us for a year.  All of our full-time employees have been with us for a long time.  Most of our new hires are for short-term projects, so they almost always terminate employment in less than a year and never become eligible for our 401(k) plan.  Recently, however, we had two new hires that did stay with us for a year and should have become eligible for the plan.  One of them heard about the plan from a co-worker and submitted a deferral election form, but since we are not used to new hires sticking around that long, we overlooked implementing the election.  The other never knew about the plan at all.

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Correcting a Failure to Withhold Deferrals from Eligible Compensation

DWC | 06/28/18


ABC Company maintains a 401(k) plan that includes the following provisions:

  • It operates on a calendar year.
  • Compensation is defined as W2 wages with pre-tax deferrals added back and no exclusions.
  • Eligible participants can defer up to the IRS limit $18,500 + $6,000 for those age 50 or older (2018 limits, indexed for inflation)
  • The company provides a match equal to 100% of the first 5% deferred by each participant, calculated using compensation and deferrals for the full year.

In addition to regular compensation, ABC pays performance-based bonuses at the end of each calendar quarter.

While compiling the year-end census, it was noted that the overall deferral percentages did not appear quite right for certain employees based on their elections.  On closer review, it was determined that employees who received quarterly bonuses did not have any 401(k) deferrals withheld from those amounts.  With no deferrals withheld, ABC also did not make the corresponding matching contributions.

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