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Automatic (Enrollment) for the People - Losing Your Discretion

Adam C. Pozek 02/6/23
Ever since creating the ACA, EACA, and QACA as part of the Pension Protection Act of 2006, Congress has acted like automatic enrollment is the greatest thing since sliced bread when it comes to improving workers’ retirement savings (never mind how ridiculous those acronyms sound, especially all together like that). They have continued down that ...
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Can Automatically Enrolled Participants Who Forgot to Opt Out Withdraw Their Deferrals?

DWC 10/8/19
Facts We are thinking of adding automatic enrollment to our 401(k) plan. One of our concerns, however, is that we might end up with a bunch of tiny account balances for participants who forget to opt out until they see their first paycheck with automatic deferrals taken out.
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