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When Is the Best Time to Set Up a Safe Harbor 401(K) Plan?

DWC 06/17/21
Facts We have been thinking about setting a safe harbor 401(k) plan and have heard that there are some pretty stringent timing requirements depending on some of the provisions we select.
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What Are My Options (and Deadlines) for Implementing a Retirement Plan This Year?

DWC 08/11/20
Facts We’ve been debating implementing a 401(k) plan for 2020. After much back and forth, we’ve decided its “a go!” for this year. Since we are still in a more relaxed summer vacation mode, we’d like to wait until sometime this fall to really get rolling on implementation.
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Can We Offer Additional Matching Contributions Without Losing our Safe Harbor Status?

DWC 08/4/20
Facts We currently sponsor a 401(k) plan for our company. While we certainly want to be able to provide meaningful benefits to the owners, our goal is to encourage all our employees to save more for their retirement, and to reward those who do. We were failing our annual testing, so we implemented a safe harbor provision to provide a matching ...
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Have the Rules for Safe Harbor 401(k) Notices Changed?

DWC 03/3/20
Facts My company sponsors a safe harbor 401(k) plan and every year my TPA sends me a reminder to distribute a notice to participants. It’s not the biggest hassle but I’ve wondered if it’s really necessary that this same information be provided to participants each and every year.
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Safe Harbor 401(k) Match vs. Nonelective: Two Words for the Same Thing or Two Different Options

DWC 06/11/19
Facts I recently got a promotion at work, and one of my new job responsibilities is to help manage our company’s retirement plan. It is a safe harbor 401(k) plan. A number of our employees are about to become eligible for the plan, and they are asking me questions about the company matching contribution. From what I can tell, we make a ...
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How Can We Pass Nondiscrimination Testing with Low Non-HCE Participation?

DWC 01/22/19
Facts I am fed up with sponsoring my current retirement plan. My wife and I contribute the maximum amount we can in deferrals each year. Due to low participation by our employees, we fail ADP testing every year and have to take refunds.
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What is the Deadline to Deposit our Safe Harbor Matching Contribution?

DWC 12/4/18
Facts Our company sponsors a safe harbor 401(k) plan that provides a matching contribution equal to 100% of the first 4% each participant defers. I had always thought that the deadline for us to deposit the match is the due date of our company tax return (with extensions), but my TPA mentioned something about a quarterly deposit requirement.
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