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Can a Company Freeze a 401(K) Account if an Employee Is Suspected of Stealing From the Company?

DWC | 05/22/18


We just discovered that one of our employees has been stealing money from the company for quite some time. We fired him as soon as we discovered the theft, and we are working with the police and our attorney to determine what recourse we have. The employee has enough in his 401(k) account with us to cover most of what he stole, but he has submitted a request to take a distribution from the plan.

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What's Old Is New Again

Adam C. Pozek | 11/14/14

Whether we’re talking fashion or music or architecture or barber shops, it seems things that have faded from existence eventually come back around.  See if this cycle looks familiar:  cutting edge becomes status quo becomes so last week becomes so [insert decade] becomes retro becomes vintage.

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Exactly the Same but Completely Different

Adam C. Pozek | 09/17/14

At the end of August, I made my first trip to Burning Man, an annual event held in the Black Rock Desert of northern Nevada.  With 10 guiding principles, it involves art, music and free-spiritedness.  This experiment in temporary community sees 65,000+ attendees converge on a dried-up lake bed, build a temporary city and leave behind no trace that it ever existed only a couple of short weeks later.  Katie Couric, Chris Taylor and Grover Norquist describe it better than I could.

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SchoolHouse Rock Meets The 401(k) Plan

Adam C. Pozek | 04/22/13

When I was kid, I used to love Schoolhouse Rock during the commercial breaks of Saturday morning cartoons.  Even now, I have them all on DVD as well as a CD of covers by various rock musicians, and I still sing along with all of them word-for-word!

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Reasonableness Requirement Is Not New

Adam C. Pozek | 02/24/11

An article appeared yesterday on entitled “New 401(k) Obligations Heaped on CFOs” and it carried a tagline stating “New disclosure rules abound, but pay close attention or you could be sued by plan participants.”

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The Quest for Quality & Unconflicted Expertise

Adam C. Pozek | 02/9/10

In the last few days, there have been several new media reports of professional wrongdoing.  One describes a CPA suspended for preparing a false tax return.  Another alleges a TPA firm provided conflicted advice when it referred clients to a CPA firm in which it held a stake.  Hopefully the allegations will turn out to be false, but these situations reinforce the importance of quality, unconflicted advice.

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