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403(b) Plan Termination: Fact or Fiction?

Adam C. Pozek 02/22/11
Over the last several years, the answer has been a little of both. Beginning with the 2009 effective date of the IRS overhaul to the 403(b) regulations, it was establised that 403(b) plans could, indeed, be terminated. However, that legal fact has been somewhat of a practical fiction for plans funded by individual contracts. The reason being that ...
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Confession Is Good For The Soul…And The Checkbook

Adam C. Pozek 09/24/10
Over the last few weeks, I have spoken with at least four plan sponsors who just became aware that they missed the April 30, 2010 deadline to restate their plan documents for EGTRRA. For those in certain federally declared disaster areas, the deadline was extended to July 30, 2010.
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The Plan Document – More Like Guidelines or Actual Rules?

Adam C. Pozek 03/30/10
As the EGTRRA restatement window closes for pre-approved DC plans and begins to open for pre-approved DB plans, I thought I would pontificate on the importance of the plan document. Qualified plans are required to be maintained pursuant to a written plan document. Operating the plan inconsistent with terms in that document is an operational ...
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