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Who Must Receive Retirement Plan Blackout Notices?

DWC 10/3/17
Facts We have selected a new recordkeeper for our 401(k) plan. We are told that there will be a period of eight business days when our participants are not able to log in and manage their accounts. We know that we have to provide notice at least 30 days ahead of time to everyone who is affected.
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Should We Deny a 401(k) Loan Based on an Expectation of an Employee’s Termination?

DWC 09/12/17
Facts One of the participants in our 401(k) plan just applied for a loan for $25,000. He has enough in his account to support the loan, but there is a bit of a wrinkle. We are planning to reorganize the department he works in, and his position is scheduled to be eliminated in about a month.
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