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Hardships & Hurricanes: What are the Hardship Rules Following a Natural Disaster?

DWC 12/18/18
Facts Our company sponsors a 401(k) plan.  One of our participants lives in the Florida panhandle and lost her home in Hurricane Michael.  She is under age 59 ½ and is not eligible to take in-service withdrawal, and a loan would only impose a greater burden.  I’ve not seen any direct guidance that permits hardships distributions for those affected ...
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Are We Still Required to Suspend Deferrals Following a Hardship Distribution?

DWC 12/11/18
Facts I sponsor a 401(k) Plan for myself and my staff. I recently processed a hardship distribution for the purchase of my primary residence in October 2018.  I know the rules require me to suspend my deferral elections for six months following a hardship distribution, but I recently came across an article that said I don’t have to impose the ...
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Breaking News: Hardship Distributions Becoming Even Less of a Hardship Than Previously Expected

DWC 11/13/18
Nearly a year after Congress passed changes to the hardship distribution rules in the Bipartisan Budget Act and the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the IRS has published proposed regulations to fill in some of the details on how to implement the new rules. 
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What Costs can be Covered Under a Hardship Distribution for Purchase of a Primary Residence?

DWC 10/30/18
Facts One of the participants in our 401(k) plan submitted a request for a hardship distribution for the purchase of a primary residence.  On review of the supporting documentation, we discovered that the purchase has already occurred and that the requested distribution is to cover the cost of renovations prior to moving in.
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Q3 Pension Pontifications

DWC 09/13/18
All of us here at DWC thrive on the really geeky stuff, and some of the best discussions start with Adam and Keith’s pontifications about how different topics impact our clients and our industry.  We decided to bring the best of those conversations to you, still with a touch of geekiness but also distilled into easily digested, bite-sized pieces. ...
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401(k) Distribution Rules: After Taking a Hardship Distribution, How Quickly Must a Participant Stop 401(k) Contributions?

DWC 05/8/18
Facts A participant in our 401(k) plan recently took a hardship distribution. We know we are supposed to suspend his deferrals for six months following the distribution, but we are not entirely clear on how strict that timing is and what happens at the end of the six months.
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Hardship Distributions Will Soon Be Less of a Hardship

Adam C. Pozek 02/9/18
In the wee hours of this morning, Congress passed a spending bill to end the most recent government shutdown that had just begun at midnight. Although the bill was focused on funding the government and dealt with military spending and other items, a couple of retirement-plan-related provisions managed to find their way in.
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